Tonight’s 4 course tasting menu

Tasting Menu Thursday June 28th, 2012

Amuse Bouche

Pickled Schartner Farm blueberries + rhubarb with honey-roasted pecans, herbs + Narragansett Creamery feta


Local sweet pea, asparagus + parsnip, with house-made crème fraiche

First Course

Wild Point Judith fluke crudo style with local cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, rhubarb, berries, lettuces + garden herbs

Second Course

House-made charcuterie plate featuring Stoney Hill Farm pork, Baffoni Farm chicken + Blackbird Farm beef, with chicken liver pate,  pork heart pate, pork tail rillette, beef + chili rillette, chicharons, pork head + ale terrine, house cured brown sugar bacon, confit chicken + pickled onion, house-made hot mustard, strawberry jam, gremolata + char-grilled house-baked sour dough

Third Course

Wild Point Judith squid, squid ink + local fennel risotto, with truffled Allen Farm pea greens, lemon + Pecorino Romano cheese


Shartner Farm strawberry-lavendar sorbet with champagne, sea salt + garden mint

Fourth Course

Lemon-ginger glazed wild Point Judith striped bass belly with Stoney Hill Farm pork belly, zucchini, radish greens, cherry tomatoes + pork-ginger jus


Tasting of chocolates, creams, curds, cookies, summer fruits, cakes, herbs + flowers

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