Saint Valentine’s Day Sneak Peek!

This year Saint Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday night.   As we are always looking for a reason to celebrate with good food & drink, I’ve decided to open for a limited dinner service in honor of the occasion.  I’ll be putting together a very special menu that I’ll share with you all in just a few short days.  We’ll have meat, seafood & vegetarian options, wine pairings, and I’m sure there will be chocolate & bubbles as well.

Whether you’re feeling romantic or just looking for a reason to get out on a Sunday night and have a special meal with friends, we’ll be open for you.

Space is limited, so call soon and make your reservations!

Stay posted, more details to follow….



  1. Andrew Pelt says:

    Hey, Love the post! Keep it up, I will definatley be coming back soon!! =)

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