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For many, it is both an exciting and terrifying time, right now, to eat.  The coming to light of so many harmful and horrible practices (production, farming, breading, importing, genetic engineering to name only a few) has led to not only an awareness of what it is we’re putting on our plates, but a major backlash and a call for more socially conscious practices and products.  There is so much information and disinformation out there right now that its incredibly and increasingly difficult to sort through which is which.  Put plainly, it can be confusing.  I am on a constant search to stay(or get, more accurately) on top of the issues that effect our food systems, consuming habits, and overall health.  I am going to try and use this space as place to post interesting links to articles, blogs and insights that I find throughout my research travels.

The connectivity that technology has given us is absolutely amazing.  We no longer have to be kept in the dark about not only what we’re eating and where its coming from, but what types of practices are common, legal and deemed acceptable.   It’s truly an amazing time to be working with food.  The call for (and ascent to) a return to basic, honest, time-honored principles and practices is yielding amazing results, wonderful food to eat and work with.  Its just beginning though.  There’s much work to do in making it accessible and affordable  every day.   The more light we shed on those hardships and the more we become aware of the real cost of “cheaper” food, the closer we’ll get to making it happen.

“From Farm to Fork” by Karen Barlow

“Push to Eat Local Food Is Hampered by Shortage” by Katie Zezima

“Cows On Drugs” by Donald Kennedy

“The Naivete Of Cooking” by Chef Matt Jennings

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