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Del Posto @nicks menu!

Thursday, September 25th, 2014

Tonight’s special menu!  SOLD OUT!

Thursday September 25th 2014

Dinner with mark & derek
Featuring the Italian wines of Frederick Wildman & Sons.
Thursday September 25th, 2014, Providence, Rhode Island

Bubbles & Snacks
Flax cracker & almond cheese
Baccala crocchetta with red pepper jelly
Rice penne, robiola, pizza spice
Chickpea & black truffle farinata
Crisp potato, kaluga caviar, parsley stem
Palla di pane with tomato marmellata
Roasted beet root, hazelnut & Narragansett Creamery feta
Smoked pork terrine, onion & grilled sweet corn
Paired with Lamberti Prosecco  & Lamberti Rose ~Edinburgh Gin Cocktail
Puree of slow roasted Geer Farm San Marzano tomatoes, onion & olive oil
1st Course
Point Judith sea scallop with Barden Orchard apples, peaches, lettuces, goat cheese, raw honey & roasted walnut
Paired with La Scolca White Label Gavi 2013, Piedmont
2nd Course
Gluten free veal & pork angonotti with asparagus cacio e pepe
Paired with Melini Orvieto Classico 2012, Tuscany
3rd Course
Point Judith monkfish with roasted late summer peppers, heirloom tomatoes, herbs & olive oil
Paired with Nino Negri “Ca’ Brione” White Blend 2012, Lombardy
4th Course
Gluten free garganelli verde with del posto ragu alla bolognese
Paired with Marziano Abbona ” Papa Celso ” Dogliani 2012, Piedmont
5th Course – Intermezzo 
Cavicchioli ” Vigna del Cristo ” Dry Lambrusco with Schartner Farm grape-verjus sorbet, black pepper & sea salt
6th Course
Dry-aged Blackbird Farm beef sirloin with Rhode Island mushrooms, house-smoked bacon, kale & cauliflower
Paired with Marchesi di Barolo Barolo Tradizione 2008, Piedmont
7th Course
Coconut Dessert from Chef Brooks Headley
Gluten free cookie finale
Paired with Pelligrino Passito de Pantelleria 2011, Sicily

Dinner tonight is $150 per person. This includes all food courses, wine pairings & an 18% service charge (exclusive of taxes). Additional wine portions & bar selections are available for your enjoyment @a supplemental charge.

Del Posto @nicks on broadway!

Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

I am so excited to announce that later this month I will be teaming up with my friend, the very talented Chef Mark Ladner, of Del Posto in New York City, for an amazing collaborative dinner right here in Providence at nicks on broadway!


The dinner will be held on Thursday September 25th, 2014.

We will be closed for regular dinner service to make this dinner extra special.  There will be a very limited amount of seats available, so don’t miss out!  Book now!

Tickets will be $150 per person, which is inclusive of a reception cocktail, bubbles & snacks, 7 course dinner with incredible wine pairings & gratuity.  What a deal!  It does not include applicable taxes.  
The reception will start @6pm & we will sit-down for dinner @7pm 


The menu will include a combination of Mark & my food styles and feature meats, fish, shellfish, late summer vegetables, fruits, cheeses, handmade pastas & sweets.  And did I mention that the entire night, from reception through dessert, will be GLUTEN FREE!


With Mark’s prolifically-delicious Italian-inspired cooking and our RI summer bounty of ripe tomatoes, herbs, peppers, squashes & chilies, I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to work with our friends @ Frederick Wildman & Sons and feature some of our  most favorite Italian winemaking families and their beautiful wines.  Expect to see special selections from Marchesi di Barolo & Nino Negri to name a few.


For booking a reservation please call us @ 401.421.0286

You may also email us @


Menu details & other general event teasers will be coming at you over the next few weeks, so stay posted, but don’t wait to book your seat!!!!

Be sure to follow mark on twitter @chefmarkladner and @pastaflyer


cheers & see you there!



*The entire evening will be celiac safe and gluten free.  If you have other dietary restrictions, please call in advance and we will make every effort to accommodate you if possible.


New Year’s Eve

Monday, December 30th, 2013

We’re looking forward to another amazing night of food, drink, laughter and excitement, celebrating the end of this year and the hope that the new year brings.  Every New Year’s Eve at nicks has been filled with great eats, good drink and memorable moments, and this year is on course to do the same.   I hope that you can join us for dinner or for Bubbles & Snacks in the bar.  Here’s the menu where is stands right now.  See you soon!


Warm glazed brioche with toasted poppyseed, ricotta + orange marmalade

Puree of white sweet potato, coconut + cardamom

Narragansett Bay oysters two ways ~
Warm with smoked bacon, roasted clam + horseradish sabayon
Chilled with grapefruit, ginger + rice wine vinaigrette
Warm Honeycrisp apple, Bridgid’s Abbey cheese, honey + sea salt on toast
Crispy sunchoke with white bean + pickled fennel

3 terrines ~ beef + mustard, lamb + cranberry, smoked pork + onion
with baby greens, pickled cranberry, mustard seeds + pistachios
Salad of shaved pear, roasted walnut, cabbage, lemon, egg + blue cheese

Roasted native mussels, squid & pumpkin risotto with citrus, coriander, vermouth + parmesan
Celery root-potato cake with Indian spices, pickled peppers, squash + smoked chili aioli + pumpkin seed pesto

Parsley-roasted Point Judith mackerel with preserved lemon vinaigrette + lentils
Carrot-caraway + potato gnocchi with roasted onion, pecan, sage, pecorino + ricotta

Pineapple-sage sorbet with black pepper, bubbles + sea salt

Hopkins Farm lamb, pork + smoked chili ragout with wheat berries + barley
Rhode Island mushrooms, grains + greens with parsnips, chilies, sesame + herbs


Dessert tasting ~
Pistachio-mint-chocolate-chip pudding,
Black pepper-vanilla panna cotta with grapefruit + kumquats,
Lemon-chiffon cake with cream cheese chantilly + lemon marmalade,
Chocolate beetroot cake with casis cream

Menu 75 per person(exclusive of tax, beverage + gratuity).
No substitutions please(without prior arrangements).

Champagne, Cocktails + Snacks in the bar starting at 11pm (reservations excepted, walk-ins welcome).

Earth + Wine Dinner

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Earth Dinner with the Wines of Michel Torino

Wednesday, April 17th 2013

I am very proud to present our Earth Dinner for 2013.  This year I am doing something a little different.  It’s Chefs Collaborative’s 20 year anniversary, and I wanted this to be a special celebration of their amazing work and efforts.  I could think of no better way to do it than by bringing together our friends and farmers, cooking for them, and sharing some special wine.   The idea for using Michel Torino wines for the dinner came from a tasting I had a few months back with my friend and colleague Ian.  We tasted through the entire portfolio and I was very impressed with elegance and subtle power of the wines.  These are world class, delicious and well made wines.  As I learned more about the wines and the winemaker’s dedication to sustainability,  good farming practices and thoughtful winemaking, the idea for the connection came to mind.   What makes this dinner even more special is that some of our favorite farmers are attending, and will get to break bread with so many of the guests, cooks, wine folks and service staff that have been enjoying the fruits of their labors for so long.  As I have said so many times before, I could not do what I do everyday if it were not for the special relationships that I have forged with my farmers, growers, fishermen and producers.  It is truly an honor to have them here with us tonight to enjoy supper together.

 Michel Torino wines are from Argentina.  All of the grapes are hand-harvested in the estate’s own vineyards high in the Andean foothills. Brothers Salvador and David Michel founded the winery in 1892, 22 years after discovering the Cafayate as an area suitable for fine wine production.  The estate practices sustainable, environmentally friendly farming by minimizing the use of fertilizers and chemicals in the vineyard and winery.  These are wines with an indelible sense of place, wines which complement food rather than overpower, wines which are true to their origin.

Earth Dinners are an annual series of events sponsored by Chefs Collaborative and Organic Valley to promote local, sustainable, and organic foods and restaurants. This year is the 20th Anniversary of Chefs Collaborative, and 25th Anniversary of Organic Valley.


Torrontes Cocktail with White Vermouth, Lemon + Elderflower

Wild Rhode Island Oysters with pickled rhubarb mignonette, fresh parsley, lemon + olive oil

Warm “fugazzetta” with onion, kale, roasted olive, Vermont cheddar + Crystal Brook Farm goat cheese


Cuma Torrontes 2010

“Ceviche” style wild Point Judith fluke + sea scallops with lemon-lime preserves, Schartner Farm radishes, rainbow chard, fresh herbs + grapefruit


Don David Reserve Malbec 2010, Colchaqui Valley

Sage-roasted wild Point Judith monkfish with Rhode Island mushrooms, Allen Farm pea greens + Schartner Farm carrots


Don David Finca La Maravilla #6 2011 Malbec

Slow-braised Hopkins Farm leg of lamb with yellow split peas, fennel, onion, thyme + golden raisins


Don David Finca La Urquiza #8 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon

35 day dry-aged Blackbird Farm beef ribeye “asado” with Schartner Farm potato, Maine beans, smoked chili +chimichurri sauce


Altimvs 2009 Malbec-Cabernet-Tannat

Dark-chocolate with lavender, cream, “dulce de leche” + sarsaparilla sauce


A portion of the proceeds tonight’s dinner will be donated to Chefs Collaborative to help fund their important work, and will be matched by Organic Valley.  Thank you for your generosity and support, and thank you to all of our hardworking farmers, growers, producers and fisherman for all of their beautiful products, time and efforts.

Dinner tonight is $75 per person (exclusive of additional beverages, gratuity + taxes).

On sourcing + in-house production

Friday, November 30th, 2012

While sourcing and making things from scratch seem to be hot topics these days (as they should be!), they’ve always been extremely important to me and been an integral part of what we do here at nicks.  It was instilled in me at an early stage in my training that if I wanted to make great things, I had to start with the best possible raw materials I could get my hands on.  Taken one stage further, to fully understand the materials I was searching for and working with I had to appreciate where and who they came from and how they were grown, raised, cultivated, foraged, hunted, developed and/or produced.

It’s an exciting time to be a cook.  People are excited about food and reconnecting to deep level of satisfaction that even the simplest of meals can bring.  There’s a tremendous focus on what we’re putting in our mouths, what’s been done to it and where it comes from.  From the lens of a cook this makes for an audience filled with excited and appreciative eaters eager to delve into the foods, drinks and services we are providing, and the story behind them.

People often like to put a lot of focus on defining themselves, their food, their restaurant, their opinions, their philosophy in a way that is total, absolute and definitive, i.e. this is what we do, we are 100% this or 100% that (organic, local, sustainable, international, classic, progressive, etc.).  For me I find it hard to describe what we do in such absolutes.  Overmore, what we do is in such a constant state of motion and flux, growing, changing, evolving, it’s not always easy or accurate to define it in that way, and it can be limiting to boot.   I take it more as a journey.  Everyday brings new adventures, opportunities, discoveries, and that is the driving force behind what keeps food and the restaurant so exciting.  The one thing I can say that is absolute, is that I cook from the heart. I put everything I am and have into the food, beverage and service, and try to inspire our team to do the same, both in the kitchen and in the dining room.  We try to source as carefully and conscientiously as possible, and attempt to support as many smaller and regionally local producers, growers, farmers, fisherman,etc. as we can.  We make almost everything from scratch in our restaurant and each day brings us new dishes, new methods and new ideas that bring us closer to that goal and keeps the creative fires burning bright….


Our guests often ask what are some of the things we make in-house and I’ve been kicking around the idea of putting a list together for them for some time now, so here’s a start:

fish + meats (while we don’t grow or catch our livestock or fish, we pride ourselves on building great relationships with our sources and butcher most animals + fish whole + in-house)

breads (all breads are made here from scratch )


barbecue sauce

buttermilk biscuits

bread puddings (sweet + savory)

cakes + cookies


chocalate syrup

coffee syrup

corned beef

creme fraiche

dried chiles


english muffins



hamburgers (ground in house)

herbs (we grow seasonally)

hot sauce (green + red chile)

ice creams + sorbets

jellies + jams(blackberry, blueberry, strawberry, peach, rhubarb)







pates (chicken, pork, beef, lamb)

peanut butter




soups + all sauces

vinegars (lemon, orange, red wine, white wine)

*these are just some of the many things that we make in house. some foods are made in house and also sourced

RI Chefs Collaborative Harvest BBQ

Friday, October 12th, 2012

Chefs Collaborative Harvest BBQ on Schartner Farm

I am so proud to be participating in this event for the third year.  Rich Schartner and the entire Schartner family has so graciously once again invited us to celebrate the fall harvest, and our sense of community, pride, passion and togetherness in honest, sincere, hand-made, crafted, delicious food and drink.   It couldn’t be a more perfect backdrop to get together for this purpose.  An event put together by chefs, for chefs, with live music and great beverages, the BBQ is sure to be an incredible time. Hope you can join us!

All proceeds to benefit Chefs Collaborative, the leading nonprofit network of chefs that’s changing the sustainable food landscape using the power of connections, education and responsible buying decisions.
Menu 2012

Derek Wagner – nicks on broadway
Slow-braised Stoney Hill Farm pork legs with thyme, molasses + mustard
Schartner Farm green cabbage, pickled carrot + onion slaw
Meg’s Farm corn, Vermont cheddar + buttermilk biscuits

Jake Rojas – Tallulah’s
Aquidneck Farm beef tongue tacos, friojoles charros + arroz ala rojas

Mike Nice – Julian’s
Smoked apple and butternut slider on house foccacia with crispy sage, Shy Brothers cloumage + watermelon radish chips

Chad Hoffer & Tyler Burnley- Thames Street Kitchen
Grilled Crostini of American Mussels’ smoked wild cape cod mussels Green View Farm turnip soup + celery salad

David Reynoso & Darius Salko- Alforno & Tini
Roasted Lily Rose farm rabbit with sweet bell peppers stewed in red wine, pancetta + wild fennel
Allen Farms pea tendrils with roasted beets, horseradish + crème fraiche

Champe Speidel – Persimmon
Porchetta stuffed with our own sweet sausage
Red and green cabbage slaw with an herbed buttermilk vinaigrette

Matt Genuso – Chez Pascal
Grilled Baffoni’s chicken thigh with molasses baked cranberry beans and kohlrabi puree
beans and kohlrabi from white barn farm

Beau Vestal – New Rivers
Crispy pork shoulder rillettes hush puppies, pickled peppers, texas pete tartar sauce. All pork shoulders from pat’s pasture

Eli Dunn – The Beehive
Smoked Wild Rhody bluefish cakes with tarragon aioli, pickled vegetables + pea greens
Bartered kale salad with apples, golden raisins, red onion, celery + toasted coconut
Four Town Farm butternut squash sandwich with caramelized onions, tomato, spinach, pesto + cheddar on flaxseed bread

Matt Varga – Gracies
Blackbird Farms beef brisket chili with green onion + cilantro
Kenyon’s stone-ground cornbread with Aquidneck honey
Rooftop garden dill pickles
Pecan apple tartlets + caramel popcorn macaroons

Kate Jennings – Farmstead & La Laiterie
Schartner’s + Barden’s apple spice cake, apple crumb bars + sugar cookies

Kevin Thiele – Hotel Viking
Apple pie, pumpkin pie + pecan pie tartlets

Brewers, Vintners + beverage makers
Grey Sail Brewing Company
Revival Brewing
Newport Vineyards
Berkshire Mountain Distillers
Stonington Vineyards
Greenvale Vineyards
Westport Vineyards
Jonathan Edwards Winery
Yacht Club Bottling Works

Ken Forrester Wine Dinner

Friday, September 7th, 2012

Monday September 10th 2012

Wines of Stellenbosch South Africa

Hand harvested, hand made, organically + sustainably farmed.  With a social consciousness + an adherence + commitment to producing extremely well made, world class wines, we are extremely proud to bring you these fine wines and this special menu.

First Course

Chilled Narragansett Bay oysters with local melons, chilies, citrus + crisp garden herbs

Paired with Estate Grown 2009 Sauvignon Blanc

Second Course

Butter-roasted native sea scallops with early season pumpkin puree, apple-parsley-verjus vinaigrette + Allan Farm pea greens

Paired with Estate Grown 2011 Old Vine Reserve Chenin Blanc

Third Course

Tartine of Barden Orchard peaches with house-cured Stoney Hill Farm bacon, sweet onions + Beltane Farm goat cheese, on grilled brioche with sea salt + honeycomb

Paired with The FMC 2009 Chenin Blanc

Fourth Course

Wild Point Judith bluefish with local mushrooms, heirloom tomatoes, garden basil + Pecorino Romano

Paired with Ken Forrester 2009 Petite Pinotage

Fifth Course

Roasted Hopkins Farm lamb with savory herbs, charred peppers, butternut squash, sweet corn + black pepper jus

Paired with Ken Forrester Old Vine Shiraz-Grenache 2006

Sixth Course

Sugar pumpkin + spice cake with Madeira-soaked raisins, roasted walnuts + honey-whipped cream

Paired with Ken Forrester Noble Late Harvest 2009 Chenin Blanc


Arrival time 6pm. Dinner starts at 630pm.

$65 per person(exclusive of tax, gratuity + additional beverages).

*Vegetarian options available with advanced notice.

Please make us aware of any allergies, sensitivities or restrictions with advanced notice.

No other day of substitutions please.

Tonight’s 4 course tasting menu

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

Tasting Menu Thursday June 28th, 2012

Amuse Bouche

Pickled Schartner Farm blueberries + rhubarb with honey-roasted pecans, herbs + Narragansett Creamery feta


Local sweet pea, asparagus + parsnip, with house-made crème fraiche

First Course

Wild Point Judith fluke crudo style with local cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, rhubarb, berries, lettuces + garden herbs

Second Course

House-made charcuterie plate featuring Stoney Hill Farm pork, Baffoni Farm chicken + Blackbird Farm beef, with chicken liver pate,  pork heart pate, pork tail rillette, beef + chili rillette, chicharons, pork head + ale terrine, house cured brown sugar bacon, confit chicken + pickled onion, house-made hot mustard, strawberry jam, gremolata + char-grilled house-baked sour dough

Third Course

Wild Point Judith squid, squid ink + local fennel risotto, with truffled Allen Farm pea greens, lemon + Pecorino Romano cheese


Shartner Farm strawberry-lavendar sorbet with champagne, sea salt + garden mint

Fourth Course

Lemon-ginger glazed wild Point Judith striped bass belly with Stoney Hill Farm pork belly, zucchini, radish greens, cherry tomatoes + pork-ginger jus


Tasting of chocolates, creams, curds, cookies, summer fruits, cakes, herbs + flowers

Thoughts: Local vs. Sustainable

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

I am very proud to contribute to The Chefs Collaborative Cookbook, which being published by Taunton Press and due out this Spring.  It’s an exciting project that I am honored and happy to be involved with.

When putting together some notes and thoughts for the book, the topic of  ”Organic vs. Local” came up.  It’s a hot topic and a good question.  Is there really one right answer?  I felt compelled to write down my own thoughts and ideas on the issue to try and better understand myself where my own principles, goals and ideals lay.   When I was done, I felt it truly described the working philosophy that drives nicks on broadway and my daily persuits, so I thought I’d share them…

Organic vs. Local

Which is better? Which is more important?

As a chef trying to make conscientious, thoughtful decisions, I really hope to accomplish both.  Though many times as both chefs and consumers we are faced with choosing which is truly more important to us, I’d like to think we’re moving in a direction where soon we’ll be able source our foods and accomplish both goals.

Often times, and for many reasons, these choices can’t always the same, especially here in New England, where seasonality and economy of scale are harsh realities.  Many other factors play into this, not the least of which are: cost of certification, process, equipment/materials and the accessibility/feasibility for farmers and producers to make the change.
As chefs(and consumers)today we are often posed with having to decide, so again we ask, which is more important to us? Should supporting small, local farmers and artisan producers in your community or purchasing fully certified organic/sustainable products from farmers and producers outside our local areas take precedent?

To some choosing to support certified organic/sustainable is paramount above all else.  They believe (and in some circumstances they are correct) in the principle that we must support those who are practicing better farming/production methods in order to get better product, and for those systems to take root.  They believe that if we support those producers/growers they will thrive and those using less desirable methods/practices will either catch on to compete, or fall by the waist side.

The problem with this argument is that if you choose this as a way of operating you could be creating a much bigger carbon footprint, supporting larger scale business/production companies and sending money out of your community that could be used to educate, promote and build better local food systems, and create communities that understand and value the ideals behind a food-centric economy/culture.  Some choose to support local growers/producers whatever the cost, and whatever the quality of product, method of production/harvesting. With an understanding that supporting local food systems not only allows you to use foods at their optimum ripeness and seasonality(by cutting down on travel and the necessity for early harvesting) but also reduces our carbon footprint and supports your community with major socio and economic benefits.

What do I do at nicks? I try to accomplish both…

With the costs involved with being certified organic/sustainable, many small farmers/producers simply can’t afford the certification process, but there are many out there that are doing the right things and using organic/sustainable practices/methods.   There are also many others trying to do the right things, educating themselves and their customers, and working towards being able to afford better equipment/materials and the ability to produce/grow/harvest more.  I am of the belief that they will never be able to do so if we don’t support them both financially and logistically.  Local farm lands cannot be reclaimed and farming cannot become a viable source of income and lifestyle without this.

I always try to source locally first.  I always look to support someone in my local community if it’s at all possible.  My team and I work tirelessly at finding farmers and producers in our area that we can work with, and that will work, grow and learn with us.  That being said, quality is always paramount above all else. Just because its local, doesn’t mean its good. It has to be good.  Then we go from there.  If we can’t adapt to what’s available locally, or get a local producer to adapt to what we feel is right and good, then we look outside our local community for other like minded farmers/growers/producers/harvesters in other areas in the country/world. Though I’d always like to (and am sometimes am fortunate enough to) feature only locally sourced items, its not always possible, and I feel that supporting other communities and passionate/dedicated people is also valuable and right.

Our systems are ever changing, and not without challenge. What’s important to me is to work tirelessly at building relationships with my peers and my community so that we can all learn and grow together, keeping open minds, making positive progress and moving towards building more permanently healthy, available, accessible and powerful local, national and international food systems.

-Derek Wagner

Blackbird Farm Open Farm Day

Thursday, May 17th, 2012

This Monday, I’m very proud to say that I will be in Smithfield RI cooking on the farm at Blackbird Farm for their annual Farm to Chef Open House.
Joined by my friend, Rob Booz of Chef’s Collaborative, I’ll be putting on some barbece with some local RI spring time ingredients.  The menu will include:
Slow-braised Barbecued Blackbird Farm Beef
Geer Farm Corn + Buttermilk Biscuits
Schartner Farm Asparagus, Radishes + Potatoes
Anne Marie, Kevin, Brandon and the rest of the Blackbird Farm family are really doing some special work, so come down to the farm to see this special place, tour the farm, see the animals, have some barbecue and learn why passionate, informed, integrity driven farming is so important!
Farm Fresh RI The guys + girls over at Farm Fresh RI put this invitation out.  It contains all the details so I’ve just cut and pasted it:
You’re invited this Monday (the 21st) from 11am- 4pm to Blackbird Farm in Smithfield, RI for their
4th Annual Open House!

This year, Blackbird is opening up to the public. Blackbird Farm prides itself in raising 100% pedigreed Angus Cattle, 100% pedigreed American Heritage Berkshire Pigs & Rhode Island Red eggs.

Blackbird Farm would love their guests to
experience a hands-on afternoon at the farm. Their goal is to not only teach you how they care for their animals, but to instill in you the love they have for them and their farm.

Open house guest speakers include:
Tom Burke, (President of the American Angus Hall of Fame in Smithville, MO)
Levi Geyer (Officer in Charge of USDA Market News in New Holland, PA)
Ed Maltby (Manager of Adams Farm, Athol, MA)
There will be a live USDA grading demo!

Lunch will be prepared at the farm by:
Chef Derek Wagner of Nicks on Broadway with Rob Booz from Chefs Collaborative
Desserts will be provided by
Wrights Dairy Farm & Bakery in North Smithfield, RI
Blackbird Farm is located at:
122 Limerock Road, Smithfield, Rhode Island

This guy hopes to see you there!