brunch menu

nicks on broadway is proud to offer seasonal, local + carefully sourced vegetables, meats, seafood + products. Because of this, menus are subject to change daily. We exclusively serve Baffoni Farm hand-picked, all natural eggs + poultry.  We serve our brunch menu Wednesday – Sunday. Brunch is first come, first served.

Savory small plates 

Rhode Island mushrooms + toast ~  Roasted mushrooms whipped wtih feta  + herbs on chargrilled French bread $7.5

Pâté + Toast~ Baffoni Farm chicken pâté with pickles, hot mustard + grilled brioche $7.5

Soup of butternut, pumpkin, acorn squash + sweet potato with crème fraîche + chargrilled pesto bread $7.5

Salad of winter lettuces, fruits + veggies  with radishes, carrots, goat cheese, honey roasted pumpkin seeds + croutons $8.5



Grilled house made Baffoni Farm chicken-sage + maple sausage $6.5

Chargrilled Baffoni Farm herb chicken with sweet potato aioli  $10

Citrus Roasted Point Judith fish filet with parsley-dill aioli $10.5

Sautéed  winter veggies with fresh herbs + peach-rpsemary vinaigrette $7.5

Home-fried, Herb Roasted Rhode Island potatoes $3/$5

Baby greens + lettuces with champagne vinaigrette$5

House-made pickled vegetables  $5.5


Brunch entrées

Eggs Benedict ~   poached eggs, greens, buttermilk biscuit + herb hollandaise sauce $9.5                       add any side dish for additional charge( see sides +snacks menu)

Fish + Veggies Citrus roasted Point Judith fish filet, sautéed veggies +  green pepper romesco $16.5

Cassoulet of Blackbird Farm pork + beans with over easy eggs, sour cream + chargrilled pesto bread $14.75

Winter veggies, grains+ eggs~  Sautéed veggies, grains, poached eggs,  grapefruit vinaigrette + chargrilled pesto bread $14.5*

Black beans + eggs with tomato-chili salsa, over easy eggs, cilantro, sour cream + chargrilled pesto bread $12.75

Scrambled eggs, veggies + cheese ~ mushrooms, butternut squash, garlic chives, Narragansett Creamery mozzarella + feta with griddled toast $11.5

The special~ two eggs, home-fried potatoes + toast $8.75

Egg + cheese sandwich $6.75

Add Baffoni Farm chicken-maple sausage $9.5


Sweets, pastries, breads + fruits

Parfait of house-baked granola, fresh fruit, Narragansett Creamery yogurt + Aquidneck honey $6

Fresh fruit salad ~Seasonal fresh fruit (small/large)$4/$6

 Griddled gingerbread muffin ~with plum preserves+ butter $4.5

Buttermilk hotcakes with cinnamon, butter, peach preserves + Vermont maple syrup   (single, half, three or full) $3.5/5.5/7.5/8.5

Brioche French toast with cinnamon, butter, peach preserves+Vermont maple syrup $6

Special toppings ~

Fresh whipped cream $1.5

House-spun vanilla ice cream $2

House-spun ice creams + sorbets $2 per scoop

Griddled buttermilk biscuit or English muffin $3.5

Chargrilled pesto bread or toasted bread $2.5 (all breads baked in house)


Here at nicks we use the freshest ingredients available + prepare everything to order.  We support local growers/producers.  Because of this, menus are subject to change daily. If you have any food allergies, dietary restrictions or sensitivities please let your chef or server know + we will make every effort to accommodate your needs.  Please be advised that special requests may require additional time to prepare + additional charges. All ingredients may vary based on seasonal availability. We recommend that all proteins + seafood be cooked thoroughly to reduce the risk of illness*.  Think about nicks for breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, take out + special events. Call 401.421.0286 for details.

Please be advised that there is a minimum of $10 purchases for credit cards. A gratuity of 20% may be added to parties of 5 or more.